Diversity and Inclusion in Law School and Higher Education

Leveling the Playing Field in Law School: A Look at Academic Assistance Programs for Minority Law Students

Anupama Ramlackhan, Touro College, Fuchsberg Law Center


The issue of academic assistance programs in law schools has become a widely debated topic, given its origins in the policies of affirmative action. The purpose of this article is to elucidate the necessity of such programs in order to promote equality in legal education and the legal profession. First, this article reviews the obstacles that minority students have faced in order to gain admission to law school and the obstacles that remain after entrance. Second, this article discusses the creation of academic assistance programs, focusing on the goals of the programs, the criticism of the implementation of such programs and the particular contributions and benefits that warrant their existence. Lastly, the article defends the programs against criticisms by enumerating their advantages.