Diversity and Inclusion in Law School and Higher Education

Live with Kellye & Ken: Diversity and Inclusion in Legal Education

Kellye Testy, Law School Admission Council
Ken Randall, iLaw Ventures


Enrolling a diverse and inclusive student body is more important than ever. Greater diversity in the classroom and community can result in a richer and deeper experience for every law student, faculty, and administrator. Current times present challenges that call on every law school to develop lawyers with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives to represent a diverse society.

Deans Emeritus Kellye Testy (LSAC CEO) and Ken Randall (iLaw President) hosted this month’s live, online dialogue about the present and future of legal education. Joining the discussion this month were

  • Cassandra Ogden, CLEO
  • Dean Jennifer Rosato, DePaul
  • Dean Kevin Washburn, University of Iowa

This engaging 45-minute discussion included a Q&A period at the end.