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Diversity and Inclusion from the Top Down

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lawyer demographics, implicit bias in the legal profession


In this episode I am excited to have Robyn Pollack on to talk about the implementation and practice of diversity and inclusion, and treating it not as something we have to correct or fix, but rather who we are and our daily mission.

Robyn Pollack is CEO and Founder of Trellis Consulting LLC. A business strategist with an expertise in diversity and inclusion, Robyn increases financial return by teaching organizations to leverage their D&I initiatives more effectively. She was a restructuring lawyer for 20 years and addresses D&I issues through a distinct, business-oriented, strategic lens. She is also an adjunct professor at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law, where she earned her J.D.

Topics Covered

  • Her background in law, why she left, and what her company does in terms of diversity and inclusion for law firms and other business. We also talk about women and risk-taking in law.
  • Turning a passion into a profession – how she had been involved in D&I issues throughout her career, and it only made sense when she decided to focus on it full-time.
  • D&I in the law – what has to change and how to get there. She talks about how her law school classes are very diverse, but how does that translate into practice.
  • The importance of building cultures of trust, value, and respect – having authentic, transparent cultures.