Admitted Applicants by Race/Ethnicity and Sex

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law school applicants, law school admissions, law school diversity


Total admitted applicants disaggregated by race/ethnicity and sex. These data display Academic Year. Academic year reflects the law school enrollment year. For example, academic year 2017 or 2017–2018 would indicate the academic year beginning in fall 2017 and extending into spring 2018. Data starting in 2016 include applicants for all terms and do not include deferrals. Deferrals are defined as “applicants admitted for a prior term who were granted a postponed enrollment to the current term.” Racial/ethnic data incorporate maximum reporting, which means that candidates may select multiple races/ethnicities. All selections are counted in each racial/ethnic group. As a result of this overlap, summing the racial/ethnic category totals will yield a larger number than is represented by the “All” group total. These data reflect final end-of-year counts of admitted applicants to ABA-approved law schools. “All” admitted applicants are rounded to the nearest hundred. All other volumes are rounded to the nearest ten.