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Summary of Data Collection, Student Loan Borrower Repayment Program

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borrower, financial-attitude, financial-behavior, financial-knowledge, student-loan


This summary provides results from the pilot test phase of the Borrower Survey Questionnaire developed for the Student Loan Borrower Counseling Program. Working with the director of the Center for Excellence in Financial Counseling (CEFC), the program funder and evaluation sponsor, the Public Policy Research Center developed a self-report instrument intended to: • Collect data on outcomes measured in terms of knowledge, attitude and behavior changes • Assess the effectiveness of processes • Develop a body of data that could be used to test reliability and validity of the instrument • Guide revisions to a final version of the Borrower Survey Questionnaire. Although further data collection is underway, CEFC has a present need for data that can be provided to potential funders. This is the rationale for producing the report now instead of waiting until the end of the pilot test phase (expected in January 2014).