About AccessLex Resource Collections

AccessLex Resource Collections, also referred to as the ARC, is a digital repository of the leading research and resources in legal education today. Curated to offer the most relevant information and influential scholarly works available on the topics of law school diversity and academic and bar success, the ARC provides easy access to the breadth of in-depth analysis being done by experts in these areas. In addition, the ARC assembles AccessLex Institute’s comprehensive body of research, data sources and data tools under one umbrella to preserve and provide access to these resources.

Publications and resources presented in the ARC are intended to inform the work of administrators and researchers who aim to foster success for all aspiring and current law students, and recent law school graduates. The information can be used to encourage and promote additional research and serve as the theoretical foundation for curriculum and program development. Anyone who has published research pertaining to bar success and/or diversity and inclusion is invited to submit their work to the ARC for consideration.

If you have questions about the ARC, please contact us at ARC@accesslex.org.

About AccessLex Institute®

AccessLex Institute®, in partnership with its nearly 200 nonprofit and state-affiliated American Bar Association-approved Member law schools, has been committed to improving access to legal education and to maximizing the affordability and value of a law degree since 1983. The AccessLex Center for Legal Education Excellence® advocates for policies that make legal education work better for students and society alike, and conducts research on the most critical issues facing legal education today. The AccessLex Center for Education and Financial Capability® offers on-campus and online financial education programming and resources to help students confidently manage their finances on their way to achieving personal and professional success. AccessLex Institute is a nonprofit organization headquartered in West Chester, PA. Visit us at AccessLex.org.