Bar Examinations and Bar Passage

Finding Success in the "Cauldron of Competition:" The Effectiveness of Academic Support Programs

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Law Review Article

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academic success programs, bar passage correlates, law school curriculum


This article provides an in-depth analysis of our comprehensive study of the Pace Academic Support Program. Section II of the article discusses the purpose and design of ASPs generally, and Pace Law School's program specifically. Section III describes the research design, methodology, and procedures used for this study. Section IV evaluates and analyzes the findings, with an in-depth analysis of the impact each service yields to ASP students, as well as the statistical significance of such benefits. Section V evaluates the importance of background criteria and the impact that such variables have on ASP participants and non-participants. Section V also discusses whether any of these background variables allow some students to derive a greater benefit from the program than other students participating in the same service. Section VI elaborates on the benefits of participation in an ASP, while Section VII elaborates on the impact of background variables on the performance of students.