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law schools, law school rankings, US News and World Report, law school faculty, law school diversity, faculty diversity


The After Tenure study, jointly funded by the American Bar Foundation and Law School Admission Council, is the first in-depth examination of the professional lives of post-tenure law professors in the United States. It combines a national survey of post-tenure law professors in the U.S. (undertaken in 2005-2006) with a set of follow-up interviews (conducted with a subset of the survey respondents in 2007-2008). A total of 1,175 professors completed the survey; along with 49 who answered substantial parts of the survey.

This database includes a subset of law school variables used for analyses in the larger study. Variables include:

  • School Code
  • Name of Law School
  • City, State
  • Region
  • Population
  • Census Classification
  • School Rankings
  • Ranking Tier
  • Faculty Statistics


Study Publications

Mertz, Elizabeth, Frances Tung, Katherine Barnes, Wamucii Njogu, Molly Heiler, and Joanne Martin. 2011. After Tenure: Post-Tenure Law Professors in the United States. [Project Report] Chicago: American Bar Foundation (available at; modified version available at LSAC)

Barnes, Katherine, and Elizabeth Mertz. 2012. Is It Fair? Law Professors’ Perceptions of Tenure. Journal of Legal Education 61(4): 511-539.

Barnes, Katherine, and Elizabeth Mertz. 2018. Law School Climates: Job Satisfaction among Tenured U.S. Professors. Law & Social Inquiry 43(2): 441-467.