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Journal Article

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diversity pipeline programs, law school diversity, pre-law diversity, race, graduation rates, bar passage


This report, commissioned by the AccessLex Institue, highlights the issue of diversity in legal education, provides an overview of the diversity pipeline, explores programs that seek to improve the pipeline, and provides several recommendations for leaders and supporters of diversity pipeline programs. As the racial and ethnic diversity of the United States continues to grow, it is increasingly important that comparable cultural diversity grows in the legal profession. Diversity in the legal field is central to ensuring public confidence in the legal system and provides society with a sense of fairness in the judicial system. The benefits of diverse leadership are numerous, particularly as the U.S. engages with a global, multicultural marketplace. To address gaps in the educational pipeline to the legal profession, many diversity pipeline programs have emerged to inspire interest, engagement, and success in degree programs in law. The goal of this report is to identify some of the key factors that are associated with successful diversity programs based on a scan of the literature, both within and outside of law school pipeline programs.