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LSAT Performance with Regional, Gender, and Racial/Ethnic Breakdowns: 2007-2008 Through 2013-2014 Testing Years

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admission criteria, incoming indicators, law school diversity, standardized test scores, LSAT


This report by Dalessandro and colleagues summarizes LSAT performance scores from 2007-2014. The document goes into great detail on the structure of the exam, and contains many data points regarding race, gender, and location. Many findings were discovered, including that test taking volume decreased by 38.5 percent from 2014 to 2009. Despite these changes, the overall distribution of LSAT scores remained fairly constant. The largest amount of test takers took the exam at the September/October and December administrations. On average, test takers who took the LSAT in either June or September/October reported slightly higher scores than those taking the exam in December or February.